Best Green Tea Brands In India Top 10 Picks


Best Green Tea Brands

With different green tea flavors available in the market it has become simple for the people to choose the flavor of their choice and start losing weight almost instantly.

There are many health benefits of green tea, drinking green tea every day can make your skin glow and help you to lose weight as fast as possible. It also reduces bad cholesterol and helps in fighting blood cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer as well.

Some Benefits Of Green Tea Are:

Improves the health of the skin 

If you are looking for ways to increase the glow of your skin then green tea is the best drink to get back glowing skin as it contains catechins and flavonols that count up the amount of sparkle you need for the skin. Moreover, green tea can make you look younger so you should try to switch from regular one to green tea.

Regulates excessive fat 

Green tea is packed with EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps in burning fat faster. Moreover, it improves digestive system functioning and boosts immunity by consuming green tea every day you will never face live aliment. Moreover, green tea is proven to beat frequent fatigue pangs.

Maintains heart health and blood sugar level  

Antioxidants in green tea prevent the heart from any major ailments. It eliminates the risk of a heart stroke which is the main cause of cardiovascular ailments. In addition, it curbs bad cholesterol which is directly linked to heart diseases. Besides, it helps to control diabetes because it contains polyphenols which eliminate blood sugar level by 55 percent. Green tea is more beneficial for diabetes person.

Reduces hairfall 

Green tea contains DTH which is responsible for reducing hairfall and makes hair stronger and softer. It also helps in fighting other hair problems like roughness, dandruff, dry scalp, etc. Absorb up 2 cups of green tea every day to fight hairfall related problems.

Removes dark circles 

It is very easy to remove dark circles with assistance of green tea The caffeine present in green tea reduces the expansion under the eyes. According to the recent survey, an individual should take a couple of green tea cups a daytime to abolish this problem.

Increases brain function 

Green tea enhances brain function. it contains caffeine in minute quantity to give your brain the fun it needs. Moreover, it advances neurons and improves the overall health of the brain. Furthermore, it contains amino acids which help in developing individual brain function.

Improves dental health  

Green tea is the best quick fix for better dental health. It helps to cut down bacteria which is caused due to unhealthy junk foods, chocolates and many more.

Green tea is the perfect item for a more proposed life. Indeed, it will boost mental sharpness and strengthens the digestive system. It makes a person agile and helps them get more strength. Green tea is loaded with benefits which can help you in the lengthy race of life.

Until know green tea was only famous in China and Japan. Finding benefits of green tea many people across the world started consuming. Known for its oxidating nature green tea benefits add reducing bad cholesterol, weight loss, battling diseases like throat infection, boost memory and assist in quitting smoking. 

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We bring to you India's top 10 green tea brands and what makes them best.

1. Golden Tips Green Tea
2. Lipton Green Tea 
3.Twinning Green Tea 
4. Tetley Green Tea 
5. Typhoon Green Tea
6.Organic India Green Tea
7.24 Mantra Organic Green Tea
8.Yogi Pure Green Tea 
9. Himalaya Green Tea 
10. Taj Mahal Green Tea 

1.Golden Tips Green Tea 

Golden tips is one of the oldest tea brands in India. Golden tips offer pure Darjeeling tea. They offer green tea in tea bags as well as loose leaves. It's available online as well.  Moreover available in multiple flavors jasmine, matcha, mint, and peach. After buying golden tips you will notice one thing that this tea comes in very attractive packing. As the saying goes price = quality Golden tips is priced on the expensive side.

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Organic green tea. 
Easily available. 
Offers unique flavors like Golden tips Assam tea Golden tips masala tea.



Price: 360 INR (100gms)

2. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton is among famous brands of green teas that are purchased in India. It is available in both small and big retailer shops. It is made with budding tea leaves and contains no additives.

The difference between Lipton and other brands is the fact that their flavors are various and contrasting than the rest. Lipton offers Matcha green tea, Red Goji Raspberry, Orange passion fruit jasmine, Purple Acai Blueberry, etc. Honey lemon is the best flavor of  Lipton. 

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Effortlessly available.Inexpensive.A broad number of variants. 


You may find this green tea a little bitter than other green tea.
Not organic 

Price: 374 INR (100 Tea Bags)

3. Twinning Green Tea 

One more Uk brand twinning has been in the tea industry since 1706. Twinning is one of the extra popular brands of tea around. They offer green tea variants in flavored tea bags and loose leaves.

Not only decaffeinated pure green tea version it also has fascinating flavors like Jasmine, Cranberry, lemon, Mint, and ginger. Exclusively mint flavor thanks to it's refreshing and light taste

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A broad number of variants.
Available everywhere 
Less cost 


There are no cons 

price: 270 INR (200g)

4. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley is one of the early brands to produce green tea in India. Tetley comes in many different merger of tastes like Cinnamon and honey, Citrus and Spice and Ginger, Mint, and Lemon. Aside from that their Aleo vera variant flush out the toxins from the body hence it is best green tea for skin beauty. 

On the other side, Cinnamon and honey has simple flavor and provide you with instant relief after having a tiring day. it is also less priced most of the variants comes in tea bag form and can be easily purchased from any small retail outlet.

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Easily available.


Few flavors.After drinking this green tea you may experience some bitter taste.

Price: 136 INR (100g)

5. Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo offers absolute flavors like Jasmine, Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass a daily morning cup of this tea provides it's purchaser all the health benefits. It was launched in India quite recently but has become a popular brand.

Typhoo green tea can be an alternative drink for the fitness aware hence it has become one of the best green tea for weight loss. However, slightly costly this tea will not find aid with budget conscious customers.

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Ample range of flavors.Inexpensive Easily available.


There are no cons

Price: 500 INR (200g)

6. Organic India Green Tea

One of the few brands to quickly gain huge popularity among users. Organic India varients come in bags and loose leaves. Their aim so far has been to provide people with organic products which are able to provide them with maximum health benefits.

Available in different flavors like Earl Grey, pomegranate, lemon ginger, and jasmine. Organic India green tea is available in any retail outlet and online as well. However, most of the flavors in this brand come infused with Tulsi which block many people from making other purchase.

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Easily availableInexpensive 


comes infused with  Tulsi which may not be everyone's preference.

Price: 220 INR (100g)

7. 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

24 Mantra is almost a new brand that pursue to support organic produce. with no use of additive. The brand is well known for its cheap price and easily available variants make it favored choice for many people in India. One element that makes this brand contrasting from others is the fact that this tea is accessible in powered not in leaf form. 

This brand is available online. Even though it comes in many different flavors many customers are not satisfied with its taste.
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Organic. Easily available. Inexpensive.


Bad taste.

Price: 80 INR (50g)

8. Yogi Pure Green Tea

 If you are kind of person who loves green tea or you drink green tea too often then yogi pure green tea is for you.

This green tea has gained huge popularity in recent times because of it's uncompromising quality and flavor. It is used by many people in part of China and Asia. If you are a green tea addict we recommend you to try Yogi green tea decaf.

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Great Taste.
Great quality


Price: 298 INR

9. Himalaya Green Tea

Himayala has a brand has plundered into many divisions green tea is one of them. Available in tea bag design it is a perfect choice for those who just started drinking green tea.

The taste and smell of Himalaya green tea are pretty great. Its strong taste makes it favorite for those who want their brew to add impressive effect. However, they don't have many variants available and hence if your kind of person who wants different flavors in his drink then this may not be a feasible choice.

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Easily available.Inexpensive.

Strong taste.

Price: 180 INR (20g)

10. TajMahal Green Tea

Till date, Tajmahal was offering regular flavored teabags in the Indian market. It is only recently that they have plundered into green tea division with variants like Earl Grey, Honeylemon and Darjeeling. Each of their tea is combined and fulfilled in their quality center hence quality and flavor are guaranteed.

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Multiple variants Inexpensive.


Bland flavor.

Price: 150 INR (80g)


Green tea has only new got the attention of Indian buyers. Thanks to the numerous benefits that green tea provide this retail is growing at a good pace. There are some top brands who are trying to be the best organic green tea in India. However, the operation is hard as buyers are selective and most do not like the aroma.

For rigid devotees of regular tea, this robust version may not be the perfect option, but for those who have been dealing with different health problems, green tea comes as a magic drink.


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