How to get free internet using razor blades


How to get free internet using blades

In today's fast-changing world everyone uses internet millions of searches are made by people around the world but the sad part is that you can't get internet for free you have to pay in order to use the internet whether it may be for your wifi provider or mobile service provider. In this article, we will discuss amazing trick you can do to get internet anytime and anywhere you want the best part is it's free in order to do this you need only two things one is razor blades and your mobile charger. So let's begin

How to get free internet

Step 1

Take two razor blades.

Step 2

Cut of mobile charger cable inside you will find four wires red, green, black, white.

Step 3

Join green and black wires together on one side and red and white together on one side.

Step 4

Next, solder those wires to the blades one set of wire to one blade. If you don't have soldering at your home you can get it done from outside.

Step 5

Now connect your charging cable to your mobile phone and your good to go. Now you can use internet for free

If you still have any confusion on how to do this there is a video below you can watch it.


  1. oh wow. Didn't know this tip. Thanks.

  2. Works great!!! Took me a couple of charger cables before it was working, Some had different color coding.

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  5. Thank you very very very very very informative article and I found great tip which I did not know before