Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay


Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay

 This is a complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay. I am going to explain the process of leveling from 1 to maximum level in TERA Gameplay this article can be helpful for the people who are who didn’t get to max level in TERA Gameplay and people who are at the beginning level. In this complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay, I will also explain basic mechanics you face, items you find and every confusing thing in the process of leveling up so let’s begin
 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay

what is TERA (Beginners guide to Tera gameplay)

Tera is an online game which is continuously receiving updates and patches because of this I won’t be talking about specific items you will need rather I will talk about the process to level up in the gameplay which will remain constant. In this complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay, you will discover amazing things about Tera gameplay.

Beginners Guide To Tera Gameplay

In this Complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay will be focusing on the Pc version of the game but it can also be very helpful for the people who play this game in ps4 and Xbox one before you start playing this game in pc you should know that there are multiple versions of the gameplay on pc all is essentially the same game but one version cannot be played with the other version and default version you get will depend on the country in which country you are located however you can download any version you want manually by going to the right site the two most popular versions of this gameplay for English speaking players are 1. TERA EN MASSE for North American 2. TERA GAMEFORGE for Europe if you are a player from North American and want to get best ping and response time download EN MASSE version if you are from Europe download GAMEFORGE version.
If you play this game through stream you will be defaulted to one of this version choose the correct version according to your choice based on players, friends and acceptable ping for you. There are some small differences but they are not extreme to worry about one you started playing choose the server and create your character don’t worry about which race you choose for your first character choose anything you like one you created your character you will be dropped into tutorial section of the game this tutorial changes with the updates so I can’t tell you exactly who this tutorial is going to be each section of the tutorial is designed to show you basic’s like movement. Combat, chaining skills, collection items, combine items in your inventory and equipping armor and weapons simply play the tutorial through and follow the simple steps to make sure that you won’t get lost in the gameplay there are two types of maps to use your mini map on the top right which will show the local enemies other is your transparent overlay map which will show you all the major roads, paths, towns, dungeons, location of quests and your enemies we will talk about this later on.
One you left the tutorial and entered the main city of Velika  your journey to end game starts from here I will break down everything in to simple steps and go over it all the current maximum level in Tera is 65 this maximum level may also increase in the future no matter if the maximum level is increased the process of getting there will be the same.

1. Gathering experience

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
Your experience is shown on down life sidebar there are five major ways to earn experience in Tera
1. Grinding Mobs: just walk up to the group of enemies and kill them

2. Grinding Bam ’s: Bam stands for big ass monsters you can identify this bams by looking at your map they will appear in a different shape in the map then the regular enemy they are all over the Tera gameplay world

3.Vanguard Requests: These are your repeatable quests the require you to kill a certain number of enemies or collect a certain amount of stuff you can press H to open vanguard request menu and see what quest are available for you to do.

4. Story Quests: These Quests can be the best way for any new player to learn all the mechanics.

5. Grinding Dungeons: One’s you hit level 20 you can play dungeons this is the fastest way to gain experience and gear up

These methods have been listed from worst to best. (beginners guide to Tera gameplay)

2. Story Quests

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
Story quest gives more experience than the Vanguard requests and actually advance the plot they are easy to sport because there is an orange question mark for quest start and mid-quest waypoints and there is orange exclamatory makeover enemies heads or resources you need to collect to advance the quest ones the story quest has been completed you need to hand it in to the NPC with the orange star floating above the head you can access these quests through the vanguard request menu by pressing the H key or you can open your map by pressing M use right click to zoom out until you see the whole world and look for the orange question mark or star and head their  we will talk about transport and getting around later on .

These quests will quickly move you from one place to another and should be your main focus when leveling up for the first time there are very important in giving you experience that you need to progress at constant rate if you follow them through you don’t need to grind much  in gaining the experience remember you can open  your quest log by pressing L key to check the progress.

3. Dungeons

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
These are the fastest way to gain experience and collect items but more importantly, they contain one of the most fun combats. Tera is famous for its dungeons for leveling dungeons are much easier on the journey from one to max level you won't even need a specific team build a perfect team could make it easier but it’s not essential ones you reach level 20 you unlock first dungeon the “Bastion Of Lok” the simplest way to play for a dungeon is to press Alt for cursor to appear and click on the magnifying class like shape which is on the top right side and choose instance matching this will bring up the list will all the instances which are the dungeons you will be able to play for under the each instance you can also see rewards you can find there click on the little circle which will be on the left for each one you could q up for and then click find group one your experienced and you feel you will be able to lead group you can click on the little box which will be on the down able to lead party leaders will get into the groups faster but should also be able to explain mechanics of the fight one the dungeon group is completed you will be given an on screen prompt asking if you are ready to go there now access the cursor by pressing the Alt and press enter now one you are inside the dungeon there may be Npc with the quest for you always  accept the quest it will be the bonus XP when you kill the final boss.

Completing the dungeon always counts as wander request so remember to press H Key and accept any vanguard request you happen to complete by completing the dungeon that’s the pretty much the basics’ of gaining experience so now you know how to gain experience. Now let’s talk about what happens when you level up every time you level up you will get cool wing graphic and you will also get little plus symbol on your screen if you click on that plus symbol you will be taken to skills menu you can also access the menu by pressing K Key your skills list will be broken into three tabs active, passive and ride.

4. Crystals

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
Now lets talk about the crystals press P key to open your players character sheet and you will see everything you have equipped down you will see your stats and if you look to the left of the weapon and the right of your armor you will see slots for your crystals these are physical items which you can add to your weapons and armors and much higher levels jewelry that give you bonus stats you will receive crystals as a reward for leveling up completing quests or drops from enemies you can tell the level of the crystal and what it does by putting your cursor over it some crystals can only be equipped into weapons or armor of a certain level so equipping the best items you can is important in general attack crystals are read and cannot be stacked multiple times meaning you can have one of the each kind and defense crystals are blue and can be stacked the exact crystals you need to depend on your class and there is no need to optimize this until you hit the end game just put the best you have and try not to get killed because every time you die there is a chance that crystal you equipped may get destroyed.

You can prevent this by being Tera club member called VIP in North American version remember you will find crystals from gift packages that game gives you when you level up or completing vanguard requests. Now you are ready to explore the Tera world so now the question comes how can you get around.

5.Traveling Mounts, flying Mounts

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
Tera has several ways to travel you can walk or run which takes ages but it is always reliable or you can mount up you will get your first mount when you arrive at Velika if you follow the story quest the mounts you have are listed in the ride tab of your skills window accessed by pressing K key click and drag the mount you want to the empty hot bar space and press that key and you will instantly mount up if your moving on the mount and press space bar the mount will jump if your still on the mount and press spacebar the mount will perform short animation which is different for each style of mount.
Some mounts will fly you will gain a free mount at the end game or you can access the spectral tail ghost wolf by being in the Tera club. To start flying start moving press spacebar to jump and press space again while you are in the air spacebar causes you to rise and you can freely fly around each map has a height limit and you can only fly for so long shown by the flight meter which is located in the down when you are flying if you are pressing W key to move forward hold shift key for the speed boost greatly increasing your speed but draining your flight meter lot faster you don’t need to worry about this at the beginning but in the end game there are actually a guardian missions that involve flying after giant enemies and shooting them down.

6. Teleporting to other maps

 Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay
If you are in a major town like Velika and get around fast you can use the inter-town teleporters look for the teleporter icon on the map interact with the teleporter and click where you want to go that pretty simple for longer distance travel however you need Pegasus station this can be found in all the major towns and allow you to fly to other major points talk to the flight master and pay for where ever you want to go to small towns won’t always have Pegasus flight master so you need to mount up and ride back to the biggest cities.
If you are a Tera club member or your lucky enough to have a village atlas you can instantly teleport to any medium or major size town from anywhere.
Beginners guide to Tera gameplay


This was a complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay Now you know all the basic knowledge to make it to max level be that 66 or 70 or beyond ones you hit the level cap Tera becomes completely different gameplay you need to worry about enchanting your armor, upgrading your items, learning end game dungeons mechanism guarding missions. Hope this complete beginners guide to Tera gameplay was helpful.

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