Best moisturizers for combination skin reviews


Best moisturizers for combination skin Reviews

Having a combination skin is pretty hard to maintain some part of your skin will be dry so you need to keep it hydrated and moist while another part of skin will be oily so if you apply moisturizer to this part of skin it gets more oily so how will you deal this problem?. I have also faced this problem for many years some part of my skin is oily whereas some part of the skin is dry after using a lot of products I found best Moisturizers that suit both oily skin and dry skin Here is the list best moisturizers for combination skin.

best moisturizer for combination skin

First, in order to deal with the problem of combination skin, it is very important for us to understand what is the combination skin. sings of combination skin and how can you deal with combination skin type. Without identifying your problem you cannot solve it so lets being.

What is combination skin? 

Your skin is said to be combination skin when you have more than one type of skin Suppose you have oily skin on the forehead of your face and dry skin on your cheeks then you have combination skin.

What are the causes of a combination skin type?.

The main reason of combination skin is genetics the type of skin is mainly determined by your genetics if your father or mother have combination skin type you are also most likely to get it 
However, there are other factors as well that can cause combination skin if you use harsh chemicals like bleach and other beauty products most often they may disturb your skin natural oil producing process and then your skin may tend to produce more oil in some areas and produces no oil at all in some areas. The main reason your skin produces oil is to kell it hydrated so if you have been using harsh chemical products on your skin we recommend you to stop it immediately.

Sings of combination skin 

 1. Having larger pores
2. You will tend to have shiny skin 
3. You will have more dry patches often 
4. You will have acne breakouts quite often
5. You will see more dandruff coming in spite of using anti- dandruff shampoos.

What type of products are best suitable for combination skin 

1. Products that don.t have any fragrance: The fragrance in any beauty product is achieved by using chemicals if you have combination skin you tend to have dry and very sensitive skin this chemical used for fragrance will hurt your skin and makes situations even worse.

2. Avoid products that clog your pores: Most beauty products out there in the market clog your pores they disturb your natural skin process many foundations out there block your pores these products make give you good results instantly for short time but in long run they tend to do much harm than good So you make sure to avoid any beauty products that tend to clog your pores.

Best Moisturizers that help you to deal with combination skin.


This moisturizer has the lightweight texture it provides 24-hour hydration after applying this your skin will be smoother, softer and hydrated because of its lightweight texture it is observed into the skin very easily The main ingredient used in this is GLACIAL GLYCOPROTEIN this is derived from sea glaciers this helps you keep your skin hydrated and smooth. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types
best moisturizer for combination skin

How to use 

> First wash your face don't apply this cream without washing your face you may not notice any results
> Clean your face with a soft towel 
> Take a small amount of cream on your fingertips and rub it in a circular motion gently 
> We recommend you to use this cream in the nights one hour before sleep.

2. Boscia Green Tea 

 This is also a lightweight moisturizer It has Japanese green tea hydrates that nourish and soothes redness.
It also helps in controlling your facial oil and sebum production. Some studies have shown when green tea applied on your face it can control oil on the face.
best moisturizer for combination skin

How to use

> Wash your face and clean it properly with a soft towel 
> Take a small amount of cream on your fingertips and rube on your skin in a circular motion 
> You can apply this cream two times daily.
> You can also apply this cream above the makeup or without the makeup.

3.Cerava Moisturizing Lotion 

This moisturizing lotion works amazingly for dry skin This lotion keeps skin hydrated for 12 hours this lotion can also be used for oily skins as well This lotion uses MVE that helps to keep skin soft and nourished throughout the day If you are suffering from dry skin this moisturizing lotion can work best for you We recommend you to try it ones.
best moisturizer for combination skin

How to Use 

> Wash your face properly 
> Clean it with a soft towel 
> Apply it gently on your skin 
> Use this lotion twice a day for better results 

4, Neutrogena Oil- Free face moisturizer 

This moisturizer is pretty good for oily skin type This moisturizer also comes with SPF 15 sun protection which protects you from sun's harmful radioactive rays and repairs the damage from the sun rays This moisturizer can also work on dry skin as well.
This moisturizer is absorbed quickly into the skin it is also free from alcohol so it gives you softer and smoother skin It is also fragrance-free.
best moisturizer for combination skin

How to Use 

> Before you apply make sure your face is clean and dry 
> Then take some lotion out and apply to your face and neck 
> you can even apply this moisturizer for your hands if you feel they are oily as well.

5. Vaseline Intense Care Location Advanced Repair

Vaseline is one of the most used brands out there vaseline has specially developed this location for all types of skin this repairs skin from deep inside the pores. Vaseline claims that this lotion can repair, heal and moisturize skin in 5 days.

This lotion can be used for both body and face this location does not leave your skin greasy like other Vaseline lotions.

How to use 

> Wash your face properly and dry it 
> Apply the location on your face and body 
> We recommend you to use this lotion twice a day for better results.


If you have combination skin it may be caused by two factors mainly one is your genetics if your father or mother have this type of may also likely to have and, another reason is by using harsh chemical products. The problem of combination skin should be dealt carefully try to avoid any beauty products that have harsh chemicals in them and try to use the moisturizers mentioned above they can be helpful for you in dealing with combination skin problems.

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