Best Bicep Workout For Size And Shape


Best Bicep Workout For Size And Shape

All men love to have the best shape biceps good build bicep head completes the look of the arm. Most men think it's hard to build bigger biceps but it is very easy to increase bicep size If you want to best bicep shape you should definitely follow a bicep workout routine. The two important things you will need to add size to biceps are the best bicep workout and proper diet.

Compared to other arm workouts like tricep exercises and shoulder exercises bicep exercises are considered as high intensity workouts. There are many bicep workouts for men, but in the article, we will only see the best bicep workouts and most effective bicep workouts. Bicep exercises included in this list are the top 10 bicep exercises and intense bicep workouts.

You can also do bicep workout at home with dumbells no need for equipment but when you want to do complete bicep workout you should hit a gym.

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1. Best Bicep Workout With Dumbbells

 Concentration Dumbbell Curl

Concentration dumbbell curl is the best bicep isolating exercise There are many concentration curls benefits. There are two forms of concentration curl standing concentration curl and sitting concentration curl. But when it comes to concentration curls vs bicep curls we recommend concentration curls because they are best inner bicep exercise.

 Because of the slow movement, maximum tension is created in the bicep tissue this breaks bicep muscle inside and helps them to expand.

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How to do Concentration Dumbbell Curl

Pick up a dumbbell try to take less weight don't go for heavyweights the more weight you put on the less perfect your movement becomes a perfect movement of arm matters than the weight. After taking a dumbbell, curl the weight up slowly at top squeeze the bicep muscle and return back to the beginning position slowly. Slow movement creates tension and increases bicep size. while performing a movement focus all the attention on the targeted muscle.

Hammer Curl

Hammer curl is one of the amazing bicep workouts you can do for huge biceps. Hammer curl benefits are many. There has always been an argument about hammer curls vs standing dumbbell curl. Standing dumbbell curls add strength to bicep while hammer curls increase the size of the bicep. Hammer curl is also considered as a killer arm workout. Hammer curl is one of the few exercises that put maximum tension on the brachialis muscle and makes your arm look thicker.

So if you are looking for intense bicep workout with dumbbells then hammer curl is for you. It is the best bicep exercise if you want to increase the overall thickness of biceps not just to increase size and shape.

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How to do Hammer Curls 

Stand straight pick up a pair of dumbells brace and align your torso bend your elbows should be tight then curl the dumbbells slowly bring dumbbells closer to your front shoulder blades and squeeze at the top then lower the dumbbells.

Incline Dumbbell Curl 

Incline dumbbell curl is opposite to decline dumbbell curl. In Incline dumbbell curl you lay on your back.and your arms are positioned behind your body. Free movement of the arm and inclined positioning of the arm stretches the bicep muscle and puts maximum pressure on the out head of biceps because the arm is placed in a stretched position. Incline dumbbell curl is also considered as best bicep strength exercise.

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How to do Incline Dumbbell Curl 

Pick up the dumbbells and lie down towards your back on the incline bench and keep the angel to 45 degrees your arm should hang straight downwards in a stretched position.  Bring up the dumbbells slowly and squeeze the muscle at the top then come down slowly to the start point.

2. Best bicep workout with barbell

Standing barbell curl

Standing barbell curl is the best alternative for concentration curl. In barbell curl, you can work on both arms at the same time and equally. The proper positioning of the grip is very important there are two types wide grip standing barbell curl, regular grip standing barbell curl. Wide grip puts tension on the shorter head of biceps and regular grip targets the outer head of biceps.

Standing barbell curl is a great arm workout. It also puts the maximum press on bi's The main purpose to do standing barbell curls is to strengthen brachialis muscle. Standing barbell curl is must add exercise in your bicep workouts. Most of the men out there do this exercise in the wrong way they move the barbell up and down fastly without putting any pressure and tension on muscle fibers.

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How to do Standing Barbell Curl 

Stand firmly hold the barbell to the width of your shoulders. Take a wider grip to pressure shorter head of the muscle and to target outer muscle bring your hands little closer. Different positioning hits different parts of the muscle. keep your head straight and chest up then slowly lift the barbell and squeeze the bicep and slowly come down Perform this exercise slowly you should feel the tension in your bi's.

Incline Barbell Curl 

Incline barbell curl vs incline dumbbell curl which is the best? When it comes to answering this question both create the same tension on muscle fibers one advantage incline dumbbell curl has over incline barbell curl is the ability to focus on one side. Preacher curl can be a great alternative for incline barbell curl. It's a good bicep exercise that pumps the muscle. Incline barbell curl must do exercise in bicep strength training.

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How to do incline barbell curl 

Lie on the incline bench arms hanging downwards hold the barbell with your arms this is the starting posting keep your shoulders tight then slowly curl the barbell and squeeze the muscle as much as you can and come down slowly. We recommend you to perform as many reps as you many for bigger arms.

3. Best bicep workout with curl bar

 EZ bar preacher curl

You've most likely observed a bizarre looking seat in a gym that looks somewhat like the seats that individuals in chapel implore on. Its preacher curl. Ez bar on preacher curl isolates bicep muscle due to the positioning of the arm other body parts don't come into play which doing exercise.

It enables you to put maximum pressure on biceps when you do curl bar on preacher curl you will tend to have a double effect on your biceps it puts maximum tension on your biceps. If you don't have a proper facility you can use the swiss ball or you can angulate bench at 45 degrees.

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How to do EZ bar preacher curl 

Hold the EZ bar with a grip of six inches. Place your upper arms on the preacher bench. Try to use lightweight. If you use heavy you will not do it properly. Now slowly lift the curl bar towards the shoulders and squeeze at the top and slowly return back to the start. Remember proper technique is important for proper results. Reverse grip EZ bar curl can be the best exercise for building strong forearms. Without proper forearms, you can't achieve the perfect look.

Drop sets using a curl bar 

Drop sets are the only exercise that keeps the muscle under the tension for a longer period of time. Drop sets using curl bar is the best exercise for pumping biceps they add size and definition to your biceps. Many people are confused with drop set vs superset which gives the best result?. Both have their own role to play in building muscle. In dropset, one move is performed until failure and supersets is a combination of different moves which are performed until failure.

You can use both curl bar and barbell for doing drop sets. The barbell will add strength to biceps while drop sets using curl bar add mass and shape to your biceps.

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How to do drop sets 

First, take curl bar and add maximum weight you can put on then slowly lift the curl bar and squeeze the muscle at the top and return back to the start point. Do set of bent bar curl till collapse where you can't do other rep then keep decreasing the weight and increase the reps go to point of failure. Remember to do this in the right form and technique. Don't take rest between the drop sets.

4. Best bicep workout with cables

Smith machine drag curl 

Only a few people in the gym use the smith machine because most people are unaware of smith machine benefits. Drag curl is best bicep muscle exercise drag curls on smith machine will blast your biceps. it's due to smith machine mechanism as the weight moves straight upwards rather in arc form which you will experience while doing cable workouts and free weights. Curls on smith machine create peak tension in brachialis muscle which leads to bicep muscle tear and expands the muscle size.

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How to do smith machine drag curl 

There are many smith machine methods to do but here are some important techniques you should follow Stand near Smith machine holding the bar before your upper thighs, with your chest up, Push your shoulder blades and elbows backward the bar should be touching your abdomen  Start by moving your elbows back and bowing them to lift the bar toward your upper abs.

 As the name proposes, you'll really drag the bar up to your lower chest, keeping your elbows behind you the whole time. Upon full squeezing the muscle return the bar to the start point and repeat the process.

You will notice range of movement is shorter on smith machine than compared to conventional curl but bicep inner head and outer are under high intensity.

Standing cable curl 

Standing cable curl is used in many strengthening programme and muscle building programme. Standing cable curl is a great exercise for great biceps it targets upper arm bicep muscle and gives extra pump to brachialis muscle. it's also bicep isolating exercise. Both the muscles brachialis and brachioradialis are targeted. High cable curl, concentration curl, barbell curl are best alternative exercises for standing cable curl that target same muscle group. 

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How to do standing cable curl 

Stand well with feet rigidly placed on the floor tight your back and keep your head straight now slowly curl the weight up towards your lower chest hold on the top for a movement for tension and slowly return the arm to start point in movement only forearm should move elbow should be in a fixed position.


This was the list of bicep brachii exercises for bicep strength training. All above-mentioned exercises and can help you target different types of bicep muscles and build bicep mass within no time but always remember to perform these exercises with proper form and technique. Without proper form, you won't notice any results. We also recommend you to follow bicep workout routines and try different bicep workout variations.

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