How To Stop Being Angry 10 Secret Anger Management Tips


How to stop being angry

How To Stop Being Angry 10 Secret Anger Management Tips

Anger is the common emotion we experience every day in your life’s. Anger is a normal human emotion and when it is dealt in the correct way everything will be okay, if anger is not dealt in a proper way then there will be many problems one has to face. When you feel anger, it can make you do or say things that we regret later. Anger can greatly reduce your thinking abilities and make you act inappropriately. In this article, we will discuss how to stop being angry. When you start understanding your emotions rather than reacting to your emotions they tend to get under your control. After reading this article you won't search for how to stop being angry on
Read on to know about how to stop being angry.

How To Stop Being Angry(Anger Management Tips)

1.Think before you speak

When you’re in anger at that movement, you do things or say words that you never wanted to do or say, after you calm down you will realize the mistake you have done, and felt very bad about yourself, it’s okay this happens which every one of us the best way to deal with this is before you start to lose your temper think of consequences, you have faced last time because of your anger, say to yourself  every day that whenever I tend to get angry I will think for a minute and then get angry.

Summary: when you are in anger always take a minute to think before you say something it can say you from a lot of consequences When we are in anger we don't know what we say so it is very important that you think ones before you say something. I know it is very hard to think when you are in anger so we recommend you to think before you start to get angry.

2. Express you’re angry after you calm down

After you come back to your senses form your anger, express your frustration in a clear and polite way. Try explaining others your concerns clearly and directly, without hurting other person feelings or trying to control them. Never try to control another person, the ruder you be, the lesser another person understands you, the polite you are the more another person understands you and obeys you.

Summary: Always remember to express your feeling in a polite way never express when you're in anger after you claim down express everything you felt. The more polite you are the in expressing your feelings the better other person understands you and obeys you.

3. Get some exercise Work on yourself

Physical exercise can reduce the stress levels that are causing you to get angry if you feel like your anger is increasing go for a run or a walk or any other physical activities that you love to do. If you will perform any physical activity that you love the most, your brain releases dopamine “feel good hormones” which can help you greatly in reducing your anger.

Summary: workout can be a great way to reduce stress and anger when you feel like you are losing your temper quite often you should start working out on a regular basis.

4. Take a break 

 Timeouts and breaks aren’t only for children. Give yourself short breaks during some times of the day that tend to be upsetting. A couple of minutes of calm time may enable you to feel better and helps you to be arranged to deal with what's coming down the road without getting frustrated or furious. Taking the good and pleasant breaks can always help in controlling your emotions.

Summary: Give yourself a break from your routine life go out for a long drive or explore the nature this can be a great way to deal with your emotions. After taking a break for some time you will feel a lot better and happier.

5. Try to resolve the issues

 Rather than concentrating on what made you frustrated and irritated, deal with settling the current issue. Does your kid's muddled room make you insane? Close the entryway. Is your beloved one late for supper consistently? Timetable dinners later at night — or consent to eat alone a couple of times each week. Advise yourself that your anger won't settle anything and may just Make everything worst.

Summary: Rather than get upset about everything we recommend you to have a look at the issue, First know what's making you angry and try to resolve it. Solving the problem is far better than losing your temper and creating more problems.

6. Stay with 'I' proclamations

 To abstain from censuring or putting fault — which may just expand your strain — utilize "I" Phrases to explain the issue. Be aware and particular. Example you can tell I  felt bad that you didn’t respond my calls " rather than saying "You never respond my calls."

7. Try not to hold Anger on anyone

 Forgiving others is the best thing you can do to feel happy. Never hold anger or grudge on anyone it destroys you completely from inside I know it's very difficult to forgive the person who did you wrong especially the person you loved the most but it's okay forgive them for everything you assume that they did wrong to you. Ones you forgive them anger on them vanishes that makes you feel a lot better and happier. Focus on the bright future you have that gives you strength to move on with your life.

8. Utilize silliness to discharge pressure

 Helping up can encourage diffuse pressure. Utilize funniness to enable you to confront what's creation you irate and, potentially, any implausible desires you have for how things ought to go. Stay away from mockery, however — it can and compound the situation.

 9. Practice Relaxing Yourself

 At the point when your emotions go out of control to try relaxing. Practice profound breathing activities like meditation to gain immediate control over your anger or rehash a quieting word or expression, for example, "Relax." You may likewise tune in to music, write in a diary or complete a couple of yoga exercises or meditation which will relax your brain whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed.

Summary: Meditation is one of the best things you could ever do to gain control over your emotions mediation changer you completely from inside. By practicing meditation on a regular basis you can easily gain control over your anger without putting many efforts
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10. Know when to look for help

 Figuring out how to control your anger is a test for everybody now and again. Look for help for anger issues if your anger appears to be crazy, makes you do things which you never want to do in your anger.

Summary: look for help when you feel that your anger is going out of control, there are many anger management online courses and books out there which can help you to deal with anger.


This was a complete article on how to stop being angry use these anger management tips can save you from a lot of bad consequences. Always try to observe your anger rather than reacting to it. Hope this how to stop being angry article was helpful.

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